Once the potential customer makes it to your entry point –gets interested about your product or service or company, it is in your best interest not to waste the attention and permission this customer gave you. In order to convert this potential customer into a paying customer we invest into customer relationship management. Serving up relevant and engaging content when timely, providing information on request and hearing the customer out are fundamentals here. It is also our duty to make the buying and paying as simple for the customer as possible, in order to avoid abandoned carts and walk outs. Keep your inventory data in real; deliver efficiently; invoice fast; use reliable payment gateways. It is important to keep in mind that whatever is the last interaction in the sales process chain that is what the customer remembers the most and is most affected by. If the customer walks away after browsing your products then the offer and the interface are what will determine if this customer will come back. If the customer bought but wants a return and a refund then this is the last step and this will determine if you lose this customer or keep him/her as a loyal buyer. And we all know it pays to keep returning loyal customers. Mechanisms that support retention are customer services, feedback and programs.