Digital Transformation

We are going the way of digitalization for the many edges it gives to our competitiveness: increased efficiency, effectiveness, accurate decisions, insights from data, innovation, customer experience and much more. Digital transformation, as the name suggests, includes change, it is a change that will enable your business to maintain its competitiveness. It starts simple, with a couple of people and a goal of efficiency and organization -for example: going paperless, but can ultimately lead to an innovative business that has digital as a permanent fixture in its strategy. Start making it easier for your business, employees and customers with steps of digitalization and automation of internal processes. Start now as this start will take you on a very successful journey.

Wisebusiness website brings you an overview of may tool with which you can start.

Digital Transformation Guidelines

iScoop brings us a comprehensible breezy to read guide to digital transformation which presents digital transformation across various businesses, processes and industries
Digital Transformaton CHEATSHEET
TechRepublic covers all the basis of digital transformation in this cheat sheet including the technology that is up and comming.
From e-Fax to AI
Rich digital transformation that includes little bit of everything, with easy to read backbone text on all the basics and links to numerous contents and articles that let you explore more.

Massive Open Online Course

With digitalization and connectiveness access to knowledge has become revolutionary. At the tip of your fingertips you can access content, articles and lectures on most anything. Massive Open Online Courses, MOOC, are open to anyone and bring the top lectures from experts and top universities straight to you -to learn at your location and at your own pace.
MOOCS are a great example of how powerful digital transformation is. In addition to democratization of knowledge, or empowering your IT departments, digital transformation can be most easily utilized to innovate your business model or for digital marketing and significant improvement of your customers experience. This is why we bring you these featured courses on: business innovation AND marketing.

Learn from MOOC platforms

From University of Politecnico di Milano comes POK-Polimi, a MOOC platform that hosts wisebusiness produced courses
Harvard, MIT and hundreds more -the best of the world universities offer their courses for free here.
This tool lets you search and discover thousands of free MOOCs, from edX to Coursera to many many more.

The lessons and learn more sections feature many training materials and other useful resources used by and developed for WISEs -work integration social enterprises. Improvement and learning are our continuous missions.