The basics of effective sales

The training is addressed to people dealing with direct contact with the customer, presentation of the offer, sales and negotiations on a daily basis. The task is to raise the level of professionalism of people in response to the constantly changing reality. The workshop was an ideal opportunity to translate acquired knowledge into practice.

The subject of the training is “Basics of Effective Sales”. The training is in theoretical and interactive (workshops)form. Participants learn the assumptions of interpersonal communication, methods of presenting an offer, service, product or idea in 5 steps, so as to learn a pattern that supports every conversation at every level, both sales and conveying the idea of conducting all kinds of social activities.

Participants thanks to acquired knowledge and skills:
• improve their qualifications and level of professionalism in direct customer service;
• they are able to exchange the features of the product/offer for benefits that the customer obtains, taking into account the knowledge of his needs;
• are able to carry out their tasks effectively and efficiently;
• they know the importance of good preparation for the meeting -task-based effectiveness;
• are focused on the finalization of the offer presentation process, with the simultaneous acceptance and cooperation of the client (win/win).

Training location: Poznan, Poland
Training date: 30.9.2019.
Lecturer: Rafał Rozemberg

# Training Materials (PDF) – English

* This training material is prepared by Rafał Rozemberg and it is published under the CC BY-NC-ND license. By downloading this file you agree to be bound by the specific terms and conditions of this Creative Commons license.


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