Design Thinking – The Problem Solving and Business Management Discipline That Empowers You To Be the Change Leader Within Transformational Context

Design Thinking is a business management tool for problem-solving. It deals with the ‘design’ of solutions, services, products, or even plans. It can be used in any area, sector, scale, or any type of problem. This course equips the future change-makers to be the well-equipped leaders that can face challenges of competitiveness, shifting markets, social issues, transformations within the organization, or any other shape of tackling an ‘interesting problem before us’.

This methodology was developed on the approach of starting with people first and meeting their needs. Therefore, it empowers us to avoid the ‘action-reaction’ trap that many businesses find themselves in. The design thinking process leads us to select and implementing developments such that will yield net positive value to our businesses by serving value to our direct beneficiaries first.

Training location: Zagreb, Croatia
Training dates: 28-29.11.2019.
Lecturer: Ana Brigović

# Training Materials (PDF) – English

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