The role of brand and market communication

The WISEs need to learn how to identify their potential competitive distinctions in order to successfully manage their commercialization, market positioning, and culture fostering.

The training gave them an opportunity to learn about the structure of a brand and the importance of brands’ key elements.

The main goal was to demystify the brand and to encourage the trainees to be aware of its importance when marketing their products or services, and start managing the brand in all its aspects.

Lučka Peljhan, the lecturer, presented a simplified model of elements that construct the brand and illustrated them with several examples from practice.

Training location: Ajdovščina, Slovenia
Training date: 17.5.2019.
Lecturer: Lučka Pehljan

# Training materials (PDF) – English

* This training material is prepared by Lučka Pehljan and it is published under the CC BY-NC-ND license. By downloading this file you agree to be bound by the specific terms and conditions of this Creative Commons license.


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