Business Finance

The lecture, entitled “How to prepare Business Plan”, was aimed at social entrepreneurship entrepreneurs. Pre-eminently, getting acquainted with the elements of a business plan is a necessary basis for the activity of entrepreneurs, regardless of their field of activity.

Managerial and entrepreneurial competencies have been found to be crucial for having a sustainable business model and achieving commercialization.

Managerial and entrepreneurial competencies found to be important for social businesses are the creative use of minimal resources; ability to evaluate the feasibility of a business plan and the implementation of the same; conflict resolutions skills; efficient customer, supply chain and other parties communication; identification with the idea, actors and activities of the social economy; confidence to succeed at challenging tasks; managing administrative work; optimism; ability to identify social problems.

Training location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Training date: 9.9.2019.
Lecturer: Matjaž Škabar

# Training Materials (PDF) – English

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