Identity and Social Impact. How to Reposition Social Enterprises.

The social enterprise is experiencing one of the most delicate and at the same time most interesting phases of its existence. On the one hand, it is facing increasingly complex systemic challenges, on the other is a candidate to be an increasingly important factor in the production of goods and services for the community. A picture full of opportunities, but not without ambivalence, where the “social” can also be widely understood through entrepreneurial approaches that are not always clear, with the risk of deviations, current fashions, or, more simply, trivializations.

The Workshop intends to put the value of the company at the center social, starting from that “social” value that inspired its genesis and accompanied its development. In a period in which finance seems to be able to select projects better social and impact measurement to decree who survives and who does not, is essential a reflection that considers the “overall” value of social enterprises, not only in terms economic but above all in relation to the contribution to community creation and to the reinforcement of trust networks and shares capital. It is also time for the social enterprise to reaffirm its identity and to re-emerge its “political” value, as it is subject capable of contributing to the definition and expansion of a country where many of those we enjoy today were born thanks to social enterprises.

Training location: Riva del Garda, Italy
Training dates: 12-13.9.2019.
Lecturers: Chiara Volpato, Sara DepedriI, Carlo Borzaga, Andrea Bernardoni, Maurizio Franzini, Vicenzo Durante, Gianfranco Marocchi, Georges Tabacchi, 

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Promocja w mediach społecznościowych


Business continuity for social enterprises